About DBCF

Catherine Finlay runs an award-winning design practice specialising in residential spaces, from new home builds, to alterations and additions.

With 34 years of experience in design and 24 years as a residential designer, Catherine brings a wealth of practical knowledge and professionalism to every endeavour.

DBCF’s primary focus is crafting bespoke design solutions to suit every client’s individual needs. Catherine finds immense satisfaction in the creative challenge of translating the client’s unique vision into reality, blending aesthetics with functionality in order to create the captivating living spaces DBCF is known for.

From concept to completion, Catherine and her team attend to all aspects of the design process with meticulous attention to detail.

This involves preparing comprehensive documentation for council approval, selecting the most suitable builders, and overseeing the project’s execution from start to finish.

Central to Catherine’s approach is maintaining open communication with clients throughout the process. By keeping clients informed and engaged at every stage, Catherine ensures that expectations are not only met but exceeded, resulting in homes that perfectly reflect their vision and lifestyle needs.